Pinch Update

Thanks to everyone for the overwhelming support in purchasing Pinch stands since the release. We are grateful that so many people appreciate a great looking bike stand and are excited about the opportunities this will bring us.

We are currently expecting to ship new orders out with about a two week turn-around. Since each Pinch is hand crafted, there is a sufficient amount of labor required before we can ship, and needless to say we are currently out of any inventory. If you have any concerns about delivery times, please just email us.

We wanted to share some photos of the Pinch process as well. In this post you will see the holes being drilled, and initial cutting happening as well. Further trimming and shaping occurs to get Pinch into it’s final form. Similar to the fenders, each stand gets a thorough sanding process followed by two coats of penetrating oil. To make sure Pinch continues to look as good as your ride, we finish off each stand with a thin coat of shellac. Should any dirt or grime find it’s way onto the stand, simply take a damp cloth to it to clean off.

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